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Thermos? Not unusual? Have you seen the vacuum flask with UV sterilization?


In this world, 1 million bottles of plastic water bottl […]

In this world, 1 million bottles of plastic water bottles are discarded every minute, but the excess weight generated by the cups will make many people too lazy to carry them. Besides, in addition to carrying water, will there be other additional functions that will make you Motivated? It can be "automatically clean" or "help you kill bacteria in the water".

The importance of drinking water hygiene is not to be overstated, but many people will ignore another problem: the cups and bottles we use for drinking are often more dirty than water – after all, daily drinking water is usually burned or deep cleaned. Drinking water containers are often washed with tap water and are not frequently disinfected. Now, in order to effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water, a thermos bottle with its own ultraviolet sterilization function has come out.