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When you lose weight, when is your weight known as your net weight? Maybe many people are wrong!


In life, for women, they all use weight to judge whethe […]

In life, for women, they all use weight to judge whether they need to lose weight. Many women will use 100 gold as a measure of weight. Women who weigh less than 100 are good, but women are listening to their weight. At that time, I found that the difference between the weight weighed in the morning and the weight in the evening is relatively large. When we lose weight, what time is it called your net weight? Many people may be wrong.

Especially for people who are losing weight, they weigh their weight every day, and then make a record to see if their weight loss has been effective. In fact, during the day, our weight will fluctuate due to various factors. For example, eating and drinking, defecation and so on can also cause fluctuations, so it is very important for people who lose weight to find their true weight.

For the human body, after the defecation in the morning is the best time to weigh the weight. At this time, the weight weighed is your body. The weight is also the most real because people have a rest after a night, the food in the intestines is basically It has been digested and cleaned. After opening the store, it can effectively discharge the body's stools, and has not eaten yet, so the weight weighed is basically your net weight.

When weighing, you have to do both:

First, weigh not too often

In fact, for people who lose weight, it does not support you to weigh many times a day, because when you weigh your weight, your weight will change, which may affect your mood, so it is recommended to call every three days. It is best to weigh one weight at a time or even once every other week, and then make a comparison.

Second, use the same weight measurement

Weighing is to prevent abnormal fluctuations in body weight, so you want to use the same weight meter every time to make measurements, not to change, because the position changes if the ground is not particularly flat will also cause changes.